Quality Policy

Food safety is at the heart of everything we do and we take it very seriously. We follow industry standards for health and safety guidelines so you can be confident that every product is safe and healthy for your beloved ones. 
At Golden Ribbon Chocolates we focus on Quality more. We spend really good time creating our range to provide you with high-quality, market-leading flavors, textures, and concepts at fair prices. Every product is meticulously checked before they leave our shop to make sure they meet our exacting standards and put a smile on your face.

Golden Ribbon Chocolates is committed to:
1. Implementing a Food Safety Management System with an aim to produce and supply safe quality end products that meet customers' satisfaction and expectations.
2. Comply with legal obligations and to protect the consumers with consistent safe food products through the application of good farming/hygiene practices and HACCP principles.
3. Ensuring all employees involved in food production receive appropriate and adequate training in food safety and handling courses.
4. Ensuring that both internal and external communications regarding food safety are fully addressed.

The food business operators ensure that:
1. Only raw materials from approved sources or certified suppliers are used in food production.
2. Product composition must not be modified without approval from top management.
3. All critical control processes are under control.
4. Outsourcing of products and/or services complies with expected or predetermined requirements.
5. All personnel are committed to the food safety management program to ensure safe food production.
6. Restricted known food additives or allergens when used in food must be declared.
7.All the products are hygienically packed and supplied in a suitable manner to safeguard consumers' safety and health.

Business performance is attained through the continual improvements of:

  1. Operational efficiency and customer satisfaction

  2. Assurance of safe quality production processes

  3. Assurance of products manufactured within our premises are safe for consumption

  4. Product rework & utilization